Results from our event on January 11th. #FTD

1st Place with 53.5″ Tyler Koons. It was Tylers first event with FTD and landed a 19″ Spot which also gave him the big fish side pot

2nd Place with 51″ Dang Xiong. Big fish 18″

3rd Place with 47 3/4″ David Oien. David won the last event and is making it known he is the guy to beat right now.

There was no ace pot awarded which defers to biggest fish.

Special Thank You to one of our leaders Marv aka Mobbin Outdoors for getting the grub session going and everyone who contributed and helped out for this event. Some of the photos from our event are below. Thank you to all the support staff for helping with all the new Kayak Anglers and getting them prepped for their first event. Its great seeing new and ugly old faces out there. Our Next event is Feb 8th and sign up is now live!

Photos Aaron Nix – #FTD